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PowerBasic Console Compiler 603

PowerBasic Console Compiler 603: A Review

PowerBasic Console Compiler (PBCC) is a tool that allows programmers to create 32-bit applications that run in the Windows console or command prompt. It is designed to be as straightforward as programming for DOS, yet it offers many features and benefits that go beyond the limitations of DOS. In this article, we will review the latest version of PBCC, version 6.03, and see what it can do for us.

What is PowerBasic Console Compiler?

PowerBasic Console Compiler is a product of PowerBasic, Inc., a company that has been developing compilers and programming tools since 1980. PowerBasic is known for its high-performance, low-level, and close-to-the-metal compilers that produce fast and compact executable files. PowerBasic also provides a high degree of source code compatibility with other Basic dialects, such as QuickBasic, GW-BASIC, and BASICA, making it easy to port existing DOS applications to Windows.


PowerBasic Console Compiler is one of the two main products of PowerBasic, along with PowerBasic for Windows (PBWIN), which is a compiler for creating graphical user interface (GUI) applications. PBCC and PBWIN share the same core language features and syntax, but they differ in their target platforms and libraries. PBCC is intended for console applications, while PBWIN is intended for GUI applications. However, both compilers can also use external libraries and DLLs to extend their functionality.

What are the features of PowerBasic Console Compiler 6.03?

PowerBasic Console Compiler 6.03 was released in March 2020 as an update to the previous version, 6.02. It includes several bug fixes and enhancements, such as improved support for Unicode strings, better compatibility with Windows 10, and faster compilation speed. Some of the main features of PBCC 6.03 are:

  • It supports the full set of PowerBasic language features, such as data types, operators, statements, functions, procedures, structures, unions, pointers, arrays, strings, etc.

  • It produces standalone executable files that do not require any runtime libraries or DLLs to run. The executable files are also very small in size, typically less than 100 KB.

  • It allows direct access to the Windows API and other external libraries and DLLs, giving programmers full control over the Windows system and its resources.

  • It supports advanced programming techniques, such as multithreading, exception handling, inline assembly, dynamic memory allocation, etc.

  • It provides a rich set of built-in functions and commands for console input/output (I/O), file I/O, string manipulation, math operations, date/time operations, etc.

  • It offers a powerful debugger that can be used to set breakpoints, watch variables, inspect memory, execute commands, etc.

  • It comes with a comprehensive user manual and online help system that explain the syntax and usage of every language element and function.

  • It has a low price of $75 USD for a single-user license, or $150 USD for a bundle with PBWIN.

What are the benefits of using PowerBasic Console Compiler?

PowerBasic Console Compiler is a great tool for programmers who want to create fast and efficient console applications for Windows. Some of the benefits of using PBCC are:

  • It is easy to learn and use, especially for those who are familiar with Basic or other similar languages.

  • It produces high-quality code that runs fast and uses minimal resources.

  • It gives programmers full access to the Windows system and its capabilities.

  • It supports cross-platform development by allowing programmers to compile their code for different versions of Windows (from Windows 95 to Windows 10).

  • It has a large and active user community that provides support and feedback through online forums and third-party tools/add-ons.


In conclusion, PowerBasic Console Compiler 6.03 is a powerful and versatile tool that can help programmers create console applications for Windows with ease and efficiency. It has many features and benefits that make it stand out from other compilers in its category. It is also affordable and well-supported by its developers and users. If you are looking for a compiler that can take your console programming to the next level, you should definitely give PowerBasic Console Compiler a try.

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